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GEMS is a National level Project commissioned by the Office of Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. The project has evolved as a flagship program in the country to identify and nurture potentially gifted children who are part of regular school system. At present, program focuses on children having significant potentials in ‘Science’ and ‘Mathematics’, but the methods developed by the project team, can be easily adopted in other subject areas.

Gifted Education
Mentoring Services

  • Acceptance: There are children with outstanding potentials and exceptional abilities in all socio-cultural groups across India
  • Identification: Gifted children must be identified at an early age
  • Nurturance: A promising young mind needs both, greater care & adequate stimulation
  • Guidance: One of the most valuable experience for a potential student can have is exposure to the right mentor


The project team consists of scientists, university academicians, educators and researchers who believe in children having significant potentials in any of the academic area and whose needs cannot be met with regular, core and standard school curriculum. Such children require advanced academic support to feel motivated and cognitively active.


Our Mission

"Bridge the gap between human potential and performance by investing in excellence"

  • Identify significantly gifted children who are remarkably advanced in Science and Mathematics.
  • Identify pool of mentors who are willing to guide gifted children
  • Develop intellectually stimulating partnership between mentors and men-tees through accelerated programs.
  • Analysis and review the learning graph of the men-tees over a period of time.

Giftedness is a universal phenomenon. It can be contextualized/operationalized as per the need of the society. Giftedness is developmental and fluidic in nature.

Giftedness is not the sum total of intelligence and achievement; it is much broader, open and wider in conceptualization. Giftedness is a combination of inherent natural traits and optimizing potentials.

A child may not be gifted all the time. Giftedness can be manifested in observable behavior only when child is provided with stimulating context. Gifted traits can exists in varied domains of human personality, such as, cognitive, social, emotional and physical etc. Identification of gifted children is not a static state. It is a dynamic process which is defined by the constantly changing paradigm of social needs and individual needs.

Potentially gifted children need both, cognitive and emotional scaffolding to realize their potentials and gifts. Gifted children have significantly different learning needs as compared to their age group. A stimulating, challenging and emotionally secure learning environment is important to meet the learning needs of gifted children. A gifted child may have highly advanced cognitive needs, but, may have normal physical/social and other needs, typical to their age group.

Programs & Services

Program focuses on children who have significant potentials in ‘Science’ and ‘Mathematics’. There are methods developed by the project team can be easily adopted in other subject areas as well.

Interested schools, organizations, parents or individuals can send the request to be part of the program. Students in consideration will go through the identification process and only the selected (identified) students will be chosen for selected mentoring programs.

This is a specially designed program for schools where interested schools will be given enriched curriculum within the regular curriculum framework. School teachers will be trained to implement the enrichment tasks for the entire class but the exposure will allow them to identify high potential students in their classes. This program will allow schools to raise the bar for all and subsequently meet the demands of high end learners.

School students from far off places can enroll in this program where interested student will first go through the identification process before selected for suitable mentoring program.

Students who have qualified NTSE or Olympiad examination or any other equivalent exam can enroll for Accelerated Mentoring Program.

This scheme aims to identify significant traits highlighting the advanced cognitive development among children in the age group of 3-7 years.

This program is organized during vacations, both during summer and winter for the identified group of students. Announcement regarding schedule of the program will be made available on the website.

This is a Professional Development Course for teachers, teacher educators, intended teachers and school counsellors who wish to know deeper about the lives of gifted students. It is a primary course to understand the nature of giftedness. It offers a detailed understanding to the study of gifted education. The course is build up on empirical literature in the field of gifted education.

Gifted Education Mission lays lot of emphasize on right mentoring support to children who are identified as gifted. Mentor is a person who shares expertise and passion in the same field as the identified in the child. This program prepares an enthusitic subject expert who wishes to become a mentor of a gifted child. The program trains the participants for their role as mentors.

It is a short term week long program for in-service teachers who wish to equip themselves with essential skills to identify and to meet the needs of diverse ability leaners in the class.

The course is meant for parents to sensitize them to the cognitive, social and emotional needs of children who are cognitively more advanced than their chronological peer group. It will enable parents to handle these children more carefully.

Who can Join Us?


We have a ready to use Gifted Identification Template with working manual that can be given to schools to collect the data for identifying potentially gifted children. The data can be sent to the project team either in soft form or by post. Project team will analyze the data to screen students for next level Identification Assessment.

School Administrators/


If you are a sensitive and enthusiastic teacher who think for the students and would like to make a real difference in their lives through teaching , you can join us for teacher’s training program (in service/ certificate course/ diploma course) to understand the learning needs of potentially gifted children. You can also join us as identification program.


Academician/Educationist/ Subject Expert/ Mentor

We look forward for the support of like-minded people who believe in the philosophy of excellence and who would like to work with us as think tank to shape the brilliance of young minds.

Subject Expert/ Mentor


If you are a hard core researcher who would like to work with children, you may join us to contribute in this challenging and highly dynamic field of gifted education. We need analytical researchers who can support us with field data, help us in analyzing data and report writing.



Since gifted children have complex personalities with uneven pattern of cognitive and affective needs. We need dynamic experts in psychology who can collaborate with us to develop set of psychological tools to assess traits of giftedness.



Parents are the real stakeholders who are directly involved in the development of their children. If you feel that your child has an extraordinary interest in any field, or, the child has advanced developmental milestones as compared to his/her peer group, you may record some of your observations and send it to us.



Prof. Shobha Bagai

Gifted Education Project is an exemplar initiative encouraging young school bright kids to become independent thinkers rather than forced thinkers.

Prof. Pankaj Tyagi

Gifted Child is a precious jewel, Gifted Education Program is to shape these jewels to make them shine better so that they can enlighten the world.

Prof. V.S. Ramamurthy

Early identification and nurturing have always paid rich dividends in bringing out the best in children. Every child should realize its full potential.

Dr. Jyoti Sharma

Human Gifts are to be nurtured, cared and acknowledged. Right education is the only way to celebrate human potential.

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