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GEMS (Gifted Education and Mentoring Support) is the outcome of a National level Project commissioned by the Office of Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. Though started at the pilot level, the project evolved as a flagship program in the country to identify and nurture potentially gifted children who were part of the regular school system. The outcomes of the project are now translated into practice. It aims to create an ecosystem that promotes excellence through identification and mentoring. It intends to identify high potential (gifted) students from diverse educational backgrounds and provide meaningful academic and counselling guidance for the specified group of students. The support is provided for identification, teaching-learning resources, mentoring, teacher’s training, parents’ counselling.

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  • Prof. Pankaj Tyagi
    "Gifted child is a precious jewel, Gifted Education Program is to shape these jewels to make them shine better so that they can enlighten the world"
    Prof. Pankaj Tyagi
    Professor, Cluster Innovation Centre
  • Prof. V.S. Ramamurthy
    "Early identification and nurturing have always paid rich dividends in bringing out the best in children. Every child should realize its full potential"
    Prof. V.S. Ramamurthy
  • Prof. Jyoti Sharma
    "Human gifts are to be nurtured, cared and acknowledged. Right education is the only way to celebrate human potential"  
    Prof. Jyoti Sharma

Team that manages Project Gifted

Prof. Jyoti Sharma

Principal Investigator
Prof. Pankaj Tyagi

Co-Principal Investigator
Prof. Shobha Bagai

Co-Principal Investigator
Prof. Bibhu Biswal

Co-Principal Investigator

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