About Gifted Education

Gifted Education & Mentoring Support

GEMS (Gifted Education and Mentoring Support) is the outcome of a National level Project commissioned by the Office of Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. Though started at the pilot level, the project evolved as a flagship program in the country to identify and nurture potentially gifted children who were part of the regular school system.
The outcomes of the project are now translated into practice. It aims to create an ecosystem that promotes excellence through identification and mentoring. It intends to identify high potential (gifted) students from diverse educational backgrounds and provide meaningful academic and counselling guidance for the specified group of students. The support is provided for identification, teaching-learning resources, mentoring, teacher’s training, parents’ counselling.

Philosophyof the project

Acceptance: There are children with outstanding potentials and exceptional abilities in all socio-cultural groups across India.

Identification: Gifted children must be identified at an early age.

Nurturance: A promising young mind needs both, greater care & adequate stimulation.

Guidance: The most valuable experience a potential student can have is the exposure with the right mentor.

Team that manages Project Gifted

The project team consists of scientists, ouniversity academicians, educators and researchers who believe in children having significant potentials in any of the academic area and whose needs cannot be met with regular, core and standard school curriculum. Such children require advanced academic support to feel motivated and cognitively active.