Collaborate with us

The theory of individual differences compels us to believe that gifted people are a reality and not a farce. Within the cohort of gifted individuals, they are a heterogeneous group. Statistically, there are 13-15% potentially, 5-6% of significantly and less than 1% exceptionally gifted students in a randomly chosen large sample.
If left unattended, many gifted students get lost in the crowd, become underachievers or may become delinquents. It is a loss of human talent and probable social capital in all circumstances.
Our responsibility is to recognise potentials and talents among children and provide them with a conducive, stimulating environment to translate possibilities into achievements.
We want to share our learnings and experiences in the project with all the stakeholders who can contribute to the lives of gifted children.

You can collaborate with us as an institute:
  • To conduct Gifted Identification Process
  • Teachers’ training program in Gifted Education
  • Develop curriculum for gifted students
  • Workshop for teachers
  • Short term courses for gifted students
  • Career counselling for gifted students
  • Counselling for gifted students and their parents
If you are a parent of a gifted child, you can reach out to us.