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Principals & School Administrators

We have a ready to use Gifted Identification Template with working manual that can be given to schools to collect the data for identifying potentially gifted children. The data can be sent to the project team either in soft form or by post. Project team will analyze the data to screen the students for the next level of Identification Process.


If you are a sensitive and enthusiastic teacher who think for the students and would like to make a real difference in their lives through teaching , you can join us for teacher’s training program (in service/ certificate course/ diploma course) to understand the learning needs of potentially gifted children.


We look forward for the support of like-minded people who believe in the philosophy of excellence and who would like to work with us as think tank to shape the brilliance of young minds.


If you are a hard core researcher who would like to work with children, you may join us to contribute in this challenging and highly dynamic field of gifted education. We need analytical researchers who can support us with field data, help us in analyzing the data and report writing.


Since gifted children have complex personalities with uneven pattern of cognitive and affective needs. We need dynamic experts in psychology who can collaborate with us to develop set of psychological tools to assess traits of giftedness.


Parents are the real stakeholders who are directly involved in the development of their children. If you feel that your child has an extraordinary interest in any field, or, the child has advanced developmental milestones as compared to his/her peer group, you may record some of your observations and send it to us.