Integrated I & M Program

Interested schools, organizations, parents or individuals can send the request to be part of the program. Students in consideration will go through the identification process and only the selected (identified) students will be chosen for selected mentoring programs.

School Embedded I & M Program

This is a specially designed program for schools where interested schools will be given enriched curriculum within the regular curriculum framework. School teachers will be trained to implement the enrichment tasks for the entire class but the exposure will allow them to identify high potential students in their classes. This program will allow schools to raise the bar for all and subsequently meet the demands of high end learners.

Virtual Mentoring Program

School students from far off places can enroll in this program where interested student will first go through the identification process before selected for suitable mentoring program.

Accelerated Mentoring Program

Students who have qualified NTSE or Olympiad examination or any other equivalent exam can enroll for Accelerated Mentoring Program.

Early Childhood Gifted Identification Scheme

This scheme aims to identify significant traits highlighting the advanced cognitive development among children in the age group of 3-7 years.

Block Mentoring Program

This program is organized during vacations, both during summer and winter for the identified group of students. Announcement regarding schedule of the program will be made available on the website.

Gifted Eductaion Program

This is a Professional Development Course for teachers, teacher educators, intended teachers and school counsellors who wish to know deeper about the lives of gifted students. It is a primary course to understand the nature of giftedness. It offers a detailed understanding to the study of gifted education. The course is build up on empirical literature in the field of gifted education.

Mentor Development Program

Gifted Education Mission lays lot of emphasize on right mentoring support to children who are identified as gifted. Mentor is a person who shares expertise and passion in the same field as identified in the child. This program prepares an enthusitic subject expert who wishes to become a mentor of a gifted child. The program trains the participants for their role as mentors.

Teacher's Training Capsule Program

It is a short term week long program for in-service teachers who wish to equip themselves with essential skills to identify and to meet the needs of diverse ability learners in the class.

Parents Orientation Program

The course is meant for parents to sensitize them to the cognitive, social and emotional needs of children who are cognitively more advanced than their chronological peer group. It will enable parents to handle these children more carefully.


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