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Acceleration for Gifed Students
Characteristics of Gifted Learners
Context Specific Model of Identification of Gifted Students
Curriculum strategies for Gifted Students
Frequently asked questions on acceleration
Gifted and Talented Children report
Gifted Disadvantaged
Gifted Disadvantaged_2
Guide for teachers to handle Gifted Students
Handbook for Parents
Identifying Gifted Child
Integrating Multicultural and Gifted Education
Issues with Gifted People
Mentoring Gifted Students
Models and definitions of Gifted
Needs of Gifted Students
Practical solutions for Gifted Students
Psychological and Social Aspect of Educating Gifted Students
Renzulli's Three Ring Model of Giftedness
Rethinking Curriculum for Gifted
Rethinking Curriculum for Gifted


Dr. Jyoti Sharma
Prof. Bibhu Biswal
Prof. Inderbir Sandhu
Prof. Vandana Saxena
Dr. Manisha Wadhwa
Prof. Pankaj Tyagi
Dr. Pankaj Arora
Prof. Shobha Bagai

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